Orbiting, created by “Man Repeller” blogger Anna Iovine, is much like haunting:

Orbiting, created by “Man Repeller” blogger Anna Iovine, is much like haunting:

exactly where anyone stops real-life communication along but continues to note you on social media marketing. Might also move as long as posting comments on images and answering Tweets, nonetheless they will ignore much more drive options for communications like phone calls and texts. They need to track we, additionally keep on their alternatives available.


Paper-clipping happens to be influenced by Brooklyn-based artist Samantha Rothenberg just who utilized a cheeky example of Clippy (the Microsoft text technology arise associate within the ‘90s) in an Instagram blog post to describe an ex who can not disappear completely after a split up. Such type of individual really wants to be sure that you do remember them — popping up whenever you smallest assume it.

Pocketing occurs when your honey will not want you around people they know and family and they’re specifically mindful about maybe not placing photos individuals two jointly on social media. Sad to get rid of they for you, but these psychologically inaccessible everyone compartmentalize you from with the rest of his or her individual living because they do not see the next to you. The color liner is the fact that it is easy to identify a pocketer: when they continually do not require yourself on vital celebrations like birthdays or specific activities exactly where friends are going to be collecting, it’s time to advance.


R-bombing happens when observe proof that a person provides browse your message, however resolved it’s not at all well worth addressing you. (more…)